Online culture resources

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Taking into account the (movement) restrictions connected to COVID-19, the closing of cultural institutions and organisations and the appeal to citizens to stay at home (#ostanidoma), many cultural institutions and organisations as well as independent artists have offered their cultural content online (films, recordings of theatre shows, concerts etc.).

The links to most of the online cultural content are available at the website of the Ministry of Culture and Media.

“We know that in times of crisis culture doesn’t die away, so we thank all those who make an extra effort to make cultural content accessible to audiences through various digital platforms, which are currently the only place to act and share cultural content. While these cannot replace the intensity of a direct contact with art, they help us overcome the anxiety and loneliness that we are all immersed in nowadays. The Ministry of Culture is considering a launch of a special ad hoc competition to co-finance online activities during the crisis, in order to provide additional sources of funding for those at risk.

We are sure that this situation, which we do not remember on a global scale, will create new models of communication and cooperation, new cultural values and a new sense of community, which will remain of lasting value in future times.” – Nina Obuljen Koržinek.