Folk songs from Međimurje

As an original folk song, the folk song from Međimurje is an inevitable part of the today’s traditional culture of Međimurje region in the northwestern part of Croatia. It is a popular and recognisable musical and traditional token of the Croatian identity of that region. It comprises verses that are sang to a tune (viža), forming a song (pesem), whereas the rhythmic structures of the song are sang by accentuated sensitivity. Historically, the folk songs from Međimurje were mostly solo pieces sang by women. Today, they are performed by both soloists and groups, female and male singers, as vocal, combined vocal and instrumental or instrumental songs. They are sang in unison or in multi-part arrangements, as a musical genre or incorporated into dance compositions in which all generations of the Međimurje population take part.

Foto: Archive of Zajednica HKUU Međimurske županije, author Ljudevit Bošćak

Mostly lyrical verses are very important for these folk songs since they serve as a basis for their division into love songs, sad-melancholic songs, patriotic songs, funny songs and religious hymns. The most frequent topics that these songs sing about are unhappy romantic love affairs, beauties of Međimurje landscape, flora and fauna, modesty of the Međimurje people, their longing for home or sadness for losing the loved ones, religious feelings. The folk songs from Međimurje are one of the most important forms of expression used by the local people for developing their sense of identity and continuity.

Popevka 2014. Female vocal group Veseli Međimurci Čakovec, Archive of Zajednica HKUU Međimurske županije. author Ljudevit Bošćak

Popevka 2018. Male vocal group KUU Seljačka sloga Nedelišće, Archive of Zajednica HKUU Međimurske županije, author Ljudevit Bošćak