Festivity of St. Blaise, Patron Saint of Dubrovnik

The Festivity of St. Blaise, the patron of Dubrovnik, represents an exceptional example of intangible cultural heritage, which in a continuous historic sequence from the 10th century to our time, has kept its traditional and recognizable features and exquisite expression, channelling local and national cultural landscape into diverse manifestations, intertwining tangible and intangible cultural heritage with permeating spiritual dimension. Based on the legend of the appearance of Saint Blaise to help the inhabitants of Dubrovnik against their enemy, the Festivity is an occasion in which the people of the City and its surrounding area, the representatives of state and local authorities together with the representatives of the Roman Catholic Church participate. Added to the spiritual dimension is a special effect the Festivity produces in relation to social relations and order, as well as the quality of the authorities. The Festivity as a display of the worship of the Saint  has influenced and shaped the entire cultural and partly natural space of the City and its surrounding area contributing to the intercultural dialogue by welcoming guests, individuals and groups, from other parts of Croatia as well as the neighbouring countries. 

©Željko Tutnjević, Central event of the festivity is the long procession
down the main Dubrovnik street, Stradun, 2007