Cultural heritage

The cultural heritage, both tangible and intangible, its diversity and distinctiveness is a common wealth belonging to the entire humankind. Its protection is one of the important factors for recognition, definition and affirmation of the cultural identity.
The cultural heritage includes both mobile and immobile cultural property of the artistic, historic, palaeontological, archaeological, anthropological and scientific importance. Archaeological sites and zones, landscapes and their parts witness of the men’s presence. The intangible cultural heritage and products of the men’s spiritual creativity in the past, as well as the documentation and bibliographical heritage and buildings, i.e. facilities where the cultural heritage and the relevant documentation is either permanently stored or exhibited are a common wealth of the community.
The cultural heritage is valuable and there are several aspects to its value: age value, historic value, cultural value, artistic value and authentic value.  By protecting and preserving the cultural heritage, the Ministry of Culture and Media secures the constancy of cultural values, as well the potential for further development of the Republic of Croatia, its affirmation, stimulation of the economic competitiveness and improved quality of life in the European environment.
The Ministry performs the administrative and other tasks that are related to the following: research, examination, monitoring, recording, filing and promotion of cultural heritage; the central information and documentation service; determining the characteristics of the protected cultural property; setting the measures for definition of the public needs programmes in the segment of culture in the Republic of Croatia; care, harmonisation and supervision of the financing programmes related to the protection of cultural heritage; foundation and supervision of institutions responsible for the work of legal and natural persons engaged in restoration, conservation and other tasks related to the protection of cultural heritage; providing conditions for education and training of professionals in the tasks related to the protection of cultural heritage; definition of the purpose, requirements for the use of the cultural property and management of the cultural property in accordance with the regulations; definition of special building conditions required for the protection of cultural heritage; performance of inspection tasks related to the protection of cultural heritage.

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