Translation Grants

Instructions to publishers for applying to the translation grants
The Croatian Ministry of Culture and Media provides translation grants for books of Croatian authors in order to promote their presentation abroad. Foreign publishers can apply to the Ministry’s Service for Books and Publishing for subsidy, which is intended to cover the translation cost (partly or in full). The production itself is not subsidized. The accent is on translation of Croatian (contemporary) fiction and literary non-fiction.
Publishers apply by completing the Application Form (Prijavnica za potporu stranim izdavańćima za objavljivanje djela hrvatskih autora).
The publishers are requested to describe in detail the book they intend to publish, enclose a detailed estimate of expenses, a short profile of the translator and the publishing house, a copy of the Copyright Agreement and the Agreement with the Translator.
The correctly completed, signed and stamped Application Form with all the necessary documents attached should be sent by e-mail to:
The applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis and there are no deadlines for submitting the applications. The Ministry of Culture and Media insists on quality translations and appropriate promotional and marketing follow-up. It is not the number of titles published that counts, but their impact on the literary scene in terms of international recognition of Croatian literature.
The applicant is obliged to appropriately acknowledge the translation grant in the imprint of the published book. The acknowledgment should read as follows: The publication of this book is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.
After the subsidy is approved, the publisher signs the Agreement on the Use of Funds Provided by the Ministry. The Agreement is going to be sent to be publisher by e-mail.
The first installment of the subsidy (80 %) will be transferred to the publisher’s account within 30 days of signing the Agreement and the remaining 20 % upon receipt of the final financial report and five copies of the published book.

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