Creative Europe – Culture

The Culture sub-programme is intended for the cultural and creative organisations, and it provides the funding for projects with a European dimension the goal of which is a cross-border exchange of cultural contents.

The funding possibilities cover a broad scope of programmes: collaboration projects, literal translations, networks or platforms, and the goal of the supported activities is to enable promotion of the European topics and project partners that participate in the activities related to the Creative Europe Program.

The Culture sub-programme is coordinated by the Creative Europe Desk on the national level. The Creative Europe Desk is a part of the Creative Europe Service of the Ministry of Culture. The new Ordinance lays down the criteria and the procedure according to which the Ministry of Culture will co-finance the project partners in all categories of the Culture sub-programme – the collaboration projects, literary translations, European networks and platforms. Pursuant to this new Ordinance, the Ministry of Culture secured financing of a larger number of beneficiaries of the Creative Europe. In 2018, a total of 58 projects was funded, which was twice as much as in 2017.